Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Publishing in 2011

Nothing has happened in my publishing efforts since Thanksgiving. I had to abandon my querying efforts during the holidays. I can barely pull off Christmas for my large family so all other interests fall by the wayside. Now that the Christmas boxes are packed and put away, I pulled out my first manuscript from several years ago. I'd edited it pretty vigorously last year and happily discovered it was in pretty good shape so I've been polishing it during the last week. Once I give it the final go-over and complete the submissions package, I plan to send out queries for it.

That brings me to some questions - what are your ideas about your approach for getting publishing in this new year? Are you going to continue sending out queries to agents or do you have new ideas? I expect to continue with e-queries but I've discovered some small presses and specialty presses which I added to my list. I'm starting to research electronic publishing which, I believe, is the future and merits a thorough investigation.

What are you planning to do? I hope you share your opinions.