Sunday, October 9, 2011

Small Publishers

I was doing a Google search on the contents of a "typical" submission package. It seems every agent wants a different mix of materials, especially the synopsis which ranges from one page max to as many as ten pages. I was hoping for some advice on hitting a happy medium for a short and long synopsis that I could use for everyone.

I included multiple search words trying to zero in on the answer to my synopsis question and ended up stumbling upon the mother-lode of small publishers actively seeking mysteries - no agent needed. I've looked at five screens already with many more screens to go.

After all the careful searching I've done for agents and small presses, I don't know how I missed finding these. No name was familiar - all new possibilities.

Don't give up on your search for agents, or for small presses if that route appeals to you. Apparently there are plenty of both!


Richard said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing a lot of good, helpful information!

glenda beall said...

Good post, Pat.
Persistence pays off.

Pat Meece Davis said...

Thanks for your post, Richard! Are you writing fiction? Would like to hear more about what you're doing.

Pat Meece Davis said...

Glenda - Thanks for following the blog. I keep hoping that each new step forward is really going to lead someplace!!!

Richard said...

I primarily am writing about my "war stories" from the courtroom, i.e. about some of the criminal cases which I have tried. I have posted a few of them on my white collar crime in GA blog. One of my dilemmas is that, before I ever try to get anything published, I need to wait until some of the crooks I write about have "met their final reward!" Thanks again for all the helpful information!