Monday, February 27, 2012


I've heard from several small publishers who're interested in my romantic murder mystery - with revisions that range from minimal to extensive.  One publisher provided detailed line edits of the first three chapters from two readers, pointing out some descriptions that weren't clear and and ideas for rearranging material to improve flow.  Of course, the suggestions are to be applied to the entire manuscript.  These people know what they like and don't like!  This is a traditional publisher with a lot of books out there, including B&N stores.

Another publisher was less specific, suggesting more tension and more dialog by the main character and those ideas can be worked into the above revisions as I go.  This publisher has only been in business for a few months.  I don't know how to evaluate a business with only a couple books out.  Has anybody worked with a new publisher?

The third publisher wants a title change.  The book is set during a Christmas festival which appears in the title.  The publisher said the title limits sales to a short period during the holiday season.  That makes sense so I suggested, also, changing the festival to a more generic winter carnival.  A perfect title popped in my head last week - it focuses on the murders, not the season.  This is something to keep in mind when choosing a season and a title for your book.

I'm starting the editing process today and plan to see it through although I'd rather be writing on my new romantic suspense.  I'm sure I'll sneak back and work on it though!


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