Friday, July 6, 2012

Writing a Hobby?

Recently, in answer to a question, I explained I was a writer.  The woman asked what I wrote and was quite interested in in the writing/publishing process.  At the conclusion of our brief conversation, she remarked it was nice I had a hobby.

I didn't react but I was slightly offended at her perception of writing as a hobby.  In my world, a hobby is something I'd do for relaxation.  I love writing and enjoy it but it's work and I schedule time for it nearly every day.  I don't wait until I have nothing else to do - that would never happen and I'd never write anything!

Have you dealt with people who think writing is a hobby?  How did you feel about it?


Glenda said...

Yes, I've met people, usually in my own family, who have no idea that I write and publish my writing. Then there are those who assume you are not a writer unless you have published a book and made lots of money.
When I finally accepted the truth that I am a writer, and I declared I am a writer, I found that my image changed, especially in the younger members of my family, who began to respect what they could see that I had done.
As for my friends, most of them are writers, too.

Pat Meece Davis said...

If I say I'm a writer, the first question is if I'm published. I figured out that if I immediately add after the "writer part" that I'm working on getting a novel published, it presents me as a serious writer, not a hobbyist! Much better!